Best of Westfield and Chautauqua

Westfield, NY is a tiny town on the shores of Lake Erie. Oddly enough you may find yourself there someday as it’s about 10 minutes from Chautauqua Institution, a popular summer resort founded in 1874. It’s due to that proximity that you find things like gourmet restaurants and cheese shops in seemingly the middle of […]

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Best of Seattle

I’m calling this “best of” even though I really only went to three restaurants while I was in Seattle from 6-19 to 6-21-2017. It’s more the “best of” what I ate and I will add to this when I go back! Ba Bar This place was so funky and cool. It had simple, industrial decor […]

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Best of LA

I was  in Los Angeles for about 36 hours (6-21 to 6-23-2017). While my time there was short I made sure to eat allll the things. Here’s a round up of what I had, including both fine dining and some cheaper eats. Bestia This industrial-chic hot spot in downtown LA’s Arts District was absolutely packed […]

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Toki Underground

I had the world’s most Methodolochick dinner at Toki Underground with girlfriends/colleagues Ruth, Emily, and Ariel on 6-15-2017. This is a hip, fun place with good food and even better drinks. Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 Food & Drink: 4 out of 5 The restaurant is upstairs and like Bad Saint consists mainly of counter […]

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Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

Ana and I had an extraordinary dinner at Oyamel, a José Andrés restaurant, on 6-8-2017. I knew from past visits that this would be good but it went way beyond my expectations.  The food was fantastic but the service was just beyond amazing. Atmosphere: 5 out of 5 Food & Drink: 5 out of 5 Like […]

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Dine-N-Dash 2017

What a night! Lauren, Heidi, Janice, and I ate our way through D.C. at the Dine-N-Dash event on 6-9-2017. This is kind of like the world’s largest progressive dinner. You buy a wristband and get access to 30 participating restaurants, each of which featured roughly four dishes and two cocktails. Needless to say we ate […]

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AT&T Best of Washington Party

I attended the AT&T Best of Washington Party with my girlfriend and publicist Lauren on 6-1-2017. We had an absolute blast at Washingtonian Magazine’s beach-themed fiesta at the National Building Museum in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Over 75 restaurants set up booths serving delicious food and drinks. I’m not gonna lie, for someone who loves meeting […]

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Best of New Orleans

I was in New Orleans May 17 to 21, 2017. While I was there I obviously ate all the things. This blog post is a summary of the highlights of the experience. There’s no Michelin Guide for New Orleans so many thanks to Ben Weider, who basically did all the research about where to eat. So without […]

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Le Diplomate

I had dinner at Le Diplomate for my girlfriend Katie’s birthday on 5-28-2017. Look, I really wanted to love “Le Dip” since everyone adores it. And I get why they do: it’s scene-y, it’s sparkling, it’s fun. But while most D.C restaurants are turning towards really special, unique, immersive experiences, Le Diplomate came off feeling cold and […]

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China Chilcano

I had lunch at China Chilcano by José Andrés with my BFF Brookie on 5-25-2017. I was anxious to try it because I had heard very mixed reviews from friends–people either loved it or really weren’t feelin’ it. Well I can safely safe  it was fantastic. The food was good but the service was impeccable, not to […]

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