Izakaya Seki

I had an amazing dinner at Izakaya Seki with my girlfriends Lauren and Alyssa on 8-16-2017. I’d never been to an izakaya, or Japanese gastropub, before and didn’t know what to expect. Well it was absolutely delicious and a really nice atmosphere. The ground floor (not pictured) consists of a counter with about 10 seats. […]

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I had dinner at Lapis with Eater D.C. Editor Warren Rojas on 5-3-2017. The food was good but what really stood out for me was the space. This place had a very bohemian vibe. It reminded me of Cornell professors’ houses from growing up in Ithaca: eclectic, exotic, but instantly approachable. It had a lived-in […]

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The Oval Room

I had a wonderful lunch at The Oval Room with my girlfriend Maeve on 8-16-2017. It was Restaurant Week, which can sometimes be dicey in terms of selection and quality. This meal, however, was top notch. This is the view to the left of the entrance immediately after you walk in. This is the dining […]

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Roofer’s Union

I had dinner at Roofer’s Union on 8-12-2017. Okay fine it was my second dinner of the evening but when I found myself around the corner  I had to go in! The restaurant is upstairs in a building in Adam’s Morgan. This is the view from the entrance at the top of the stairs. The […]

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Jack Rose Dining Saloon

I had dinner at Jack Rose on 8-12-2017. I actually didn’t realize they had food until the Guide came out so I was excited to check it out! Part of why I didn’t realize they served food is because they’re so well-known for their whisky collection. And speaking of said collection, look at the bottles […]

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Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

I had a great brunch at Pearl Dive with my girlfriends Katie and Kathy on 8-12-2017. The food was good but let’s be honest: meeting Jeff Black was one of the highlights of this entire Mission!! If you’ve ever walked by Pearl Dive you’ve likely seen people hanging out in their awesome outdoor bar/patio. At […]

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The Royal

I had lunch at the Royal on 8-11-2017. The food was awesome but Chef Cable was by far the highlight! The Royal is an all day restaurant located in LeDroit park that serves great specialty coffee drinks by day and cocktails by night. Since I was there for lunch there were people on laptops scattered […]

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