Roofer’s Union

I had dinner at Roofer’s Union on 8-12-2017. Okay fine it was my second dinner of the evening but when I found myself around the corner  I had to go in!


The restaurant is upstairs in a building in Adam’s Morgan. This is the view from the entrance at the top of the stairs. The bar proper is to the right and seating for the actual dining room is to the left behind the side bar/communal high top.


This is the view of the dining room once you walk past the bar. I love the huge windows. I will say between the loud music and people, the vibe was a little more bar than restaurant. It was 8:30 on a Saturday night but I’ve also heard brunch is similarly rowdy.


The highlight was randomly running into my good friend Emily! You may remember her from such posts as Rose’s Luxury and laughing in my twitter cover photo. She ended up joining me, which was perfect!


And now to the main event!


The General Manager and Beer Director Dave Delaplaine sent over this great beer tasting flight. Thanks Dave!

Atlas – Dance of Days. This had flavors of wheat and hops but also pineapple and grapefruit, which was awesome.

Union Craft – Cosmic Giggle. This double IPA is from Baltimore and just good drinkable beer.

Crooked Run – Apricot Heart and Soul. This was tart, thick, hazy, and delicious.

Union Craft – Tee Time: Wildberry. This barrel-aged beer was super acidic and sour, which you know I love. It had flavors of blueberry and blackberry as well.


Sauteed cauliflower (shishito peppers, pickled cauliflower, mustard vinaigratte). This was shockingly good. Like how good do you think cauliflower is really going to be and then it’s AMAZING. I think it was the pickled cauliflower plus the shishitos and mustard. It just had a really complex flavor that was rich and acidic–I loved it.


Sausage party. They had so many great options on the menu but I went for this classic. You choose any three of their house made sausages served without the buns.

Veal heart sausage (purple cabbage, coleslaw). This kind of tasted like a generic Italian sausage but with great crunchy cabbage.

Beer-poached bratwurst (sauerkraut, dijon mustard). This had an explosive smokey, vinegar flavor likely enhanced by the sauerkraut.

Chicken sausage (sauteed wild mushroom, fontina cheese). This was SO good. The cheese and mushrooms gave it a really mellow savory flavor.


Banh mi (chicken liver mousse, shaved carrot, cucumber, basil, mint, jalapeno). Because I hadn’t had enough sausage already! And glad I tried this because it turned out being my fav! It was so vinegary and the veggies were a great bright contrast to the sausage itself.


And here’s Dave! He really made this experience for me. He came over and chatted for quite a while about the restaurant, their sister restaurant Ripple, and beer, which I love.

Overall this might not be my dining scene per se but the food was delicious and I’d definitely go back for the beer!

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