Birds Eye Sandwiches*

Birds Eye Sandwiches isn’t technically in the Michelin Guide except it’s part of Doi Moi, which is, so I’m writing about it anyway. I’ve been here a few times and most recently had an awesome lunch on 8-4-2017.


Basil Tea Punch (cachaça, basil, lemongrass, citrus, ginger). This was out of control good. It’s so perfectly balanced you literally can’t tell there’s alcohol–which could be dangerous! Unfortunately it was a work day so I could only have a few sips.



Green Papaya (chili, lime, heirloom tomato, peanut). This was really good. I’ve had it before at Doi Moi but always after something really flavorful; it’s a little too subtle for that. Eating it early in the meal really let all the flavors shine and man was it good (plus a little spicy).

Stone Fruit Salad (peach, nectarine, strawberry, chili, herbs, shallot, tamarind). This might be my new favorite salad. The cilantro, fruit, and shallots were so bright and flavorful.


At Birds Eye all three sandwiches share the same banh mi style garnish and soy mayo. Additionally all three can also be made as rice bowls (above middle).

Crispy Chicken Thigh (chili honey, herbs, soy mayo). This always seems to be everyone else’s fav. The chili honey is obviously a little sweet but still really good.

Thai Roasted Pork (crispy shallot, marinated cucumber, soy mayo). This. Is. My. Jam! This is absolutely fantastic and my go-to for sure. I loved both the bowl and the sandwich. The pork has this really complex flavor that I swear reminds me of marsala wine and just blends so well with the mayo.

Rice Cake (enoki mushroom, carrot and daikon pickles, soy mayo). I was surprised by how good this was because I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. The rice cake had a really fun texture: it was crunchy but not quite crispy and had a nice heft to it. It was also pretty savory almost like a rice veggie burger but with more of a BBQ flavor.


Man do I love the Fat Baby folks!! Thanks for another great meal guys!!!

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