Oh man was this place good.  Jeff and I had lunch here on 12-22-2016. The decor was a soft orange with light wood, which actually reminded me a bit of Iceland–total hygge. It helped that it was freezing out and yet so cozy inside. And oh the food!You should know that I love vinegar more than any other flavor and this place was very vinegar-y, in a very good way. Definitely my favorite tapas in DC thus far.

Atmosphere: 5 of 5
Food & Drink: 5 of 5

Also I just love this picture of us.



The cojonudo (quail eggs, chorizo, toast) was yummy but not to die for. Not pictured (because clearly I was new at this whole thing): salteado de setas (mushrooms, Manchego, scallions, thyme). These were surprisingly in a vinegar based sauce, and kind of salty, but very good.


Pintxos morunos (lamb skewers, pickled shallots, salsa verde). I loved this and I can still taste the vinegar flavor in the sauce. The bread also absorbed all the flavors and was delicious to eat at the end.


Txipirones (grilled squid, chickpeas, pipirrana, salsa verde). I always love grilled squid but the rest of the preparation fell a little flat. I didn’t love the texture of squid with chickpea and I wanted a more contrasting flavor.


Gambas al ajillo (shrimp, garlic, brandy, Guindilla peppers, olive oil). A tapas classic and absolutely amazing here. It’s my go to tapas dish and the one I always use to compare restaurants. This was everything it was supposed to be and more with really punchy flavors.


That’s a happy tapas-eater! I will definitely go back, if for nothing else than to eat more shrimp.

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