Purple Patch

Where it all began! The first #MissionMichelin restaurant was the adorable and delicious Purple Patch on 2-3-2016. The inside was very “funky restaurant in a D.C. rowhouse,” which while a common theme in D.C. is always cheerful. The food was great but there were a few misses. Overall it felt very welcoming and the staff was great.

Atmosphere: 3 out of 5

Food & Drink: 3 out of 5



First of all, how cute is this sign?! I assume they do it for all the reservations but man did it make me feel special! I’m such a sucker.


Mama Alice’s lumpia (beef and pork spring rolls, banana ketchup). Brussels sprouts (smoked bacon, chive, parmesan). These were my first lumpia! They were good but not delicious and kind of oily. The Brussels sprouts were fine but nothing too exciting.

img_5391Ginataang shrimp & kale (ginger, onion, coconut broth, jasmine rice). Now this was amazing! I loved the broth. Radicchio wraps with chicken are pictured in the back. I’d pass on these in the future. Something about that was not great and I think it may have been the taste of the dark meat chicken. I can’t even find them on the menu now to include a description so maybe it wasn’t just us who didn’t love them.


Bread pudding (ube ice cream). The ube ice cream was outstanding! Ube, which is a purple yam, is now officially my favorite new thing in life. The spring roll was less exciting but my ube discovery made up for it.


Overall the meal had some hits and misses. The waiter was awesome though. He is still the only wait staff person to ever show real interest in #MissionMichelin and for that he’s my fav.

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