The Very Special Desserts at Maketto

People are always asking me for D.C. restaurant recommendations . Well, I absolutely cannot stress enough the importance of what’s happening right now at Maketto in terms of desserts. They’re the work of Pastry Chef extraordinaire Pichet Ong who literally has more awards to his name than I can list. His pedigree includes working as the Pastry Chef for Jeans-Georges in addition to multiple James Beard Award nominations for Outstanding Pastry Chef. He’s also a cookbook author (The Sweet Spot) and his work has appeared in countless publications. You can learn more about his background is this great episode of the Chef’s Story podcast.
Strawberry Mochi (fresh fruit, jam, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, lemon verbena from the garden, milk crumbs, mochi rice blanket).
 But it’s not just that he’s a famous Pastry Chef working in our midst. His desserts are truly special: they’re innovative, complex, and, most importantly, delicious. He often incorporates savory elements and he eschews rigid structure in favor of a softer design. He really challenges our notions of what dessert should look and taste like, to great effect.
Coconut Ice and Rice (squash, rice, coconut ice water, coconut gelee, dill–and it’s vegan!).
 We all love Maketto for their food (if you haven’t had their fried chicken you haven’t lived). But do yourself a favor and go there with the intention of eating dessert. It’s like a must-see art exhibit without the annoyance of procuring tickets.
Fallen Mess (autumnal Oregonian huckleberry ice cream, piled with citrus cream, rice flour cake, black pepper meringue, aloe vera gels).
 And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to meet the artist himself!

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