Sushi Taro

I had a lovely little lunch at Sushi Taro with my friends Ruth and Jeff on 3-2-2017. The food was great, the server was super helpful and the space was comfortable. And the best part was all of their Michelin Guide pride!

Atmosphere: 3 out of 5
Food & Drink: 4 out of 5


This framed Michelin Star chef’s coat greets you immediately upon entering.


The chef’s coat is immediately followed by this little guy.


Then they have a framed Michelin Guide along with their page from the guide. I love the Guide pride!


I should note that I had to move the reservation date once and then separately I had to change the reservation time. They were very flexible about both changes, which was nice.


The waiter was very, very helpful. He walked us through the entire menu and answered a million questions. When we told him about the blog he suggested we come back for dinner because it’s a much different experience and that’s when the most exciting exotic fish is served.


Miso soup. The meal we ordered came with miso soup and the small dishes below. The soup was delicious and the scallions were so fresh.


Left – simmered chicken with pickled vegetable including lotus and burdock roots. This all sort of tasted the same, like soy sauce and a little vinegar, and while not bad it was kind of boring.

Right – potato salad. This was cold finely mashed potatoes laced with pickled vegetables, along with possibly mayonnaise. I don’t love potato salad or mashed potatoes but oddly this combination of the two wasn’t bad.


Sashimi & Tempura Teishoku (assorted sashimi and mixed tempura). The assorted sashimi was super fresh and delicious. It consisted of (R-L) yellow tail, sweet shrimp, salmon, dark red tuna, flounder and Spanish mackerel topped with a grated daikon and ponzu paste. I’d never had sweet shrimp before and it was amazing, almost the consistency of butter. The sauce on the mackerel was also really good. The tempura was amazingly light and crisp, consisting of shrimp, asparagus, lotus root and mushrooms. Ruth asked for no shrimp so they gave her fish tempura instead.


Sakura shio ice (salted cherry blossom ice cream). This tasted like vanilla ice cream with a subtle almost coconut flavor and small cherry pieces. It was really good and definitely hit the spot.


I’d call the whole meal special but casual. I liked it here and while I would go again for lunch, I definitely want to come back for dinner sometime.

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