I was joined for lunch at Blacksalt by the best date in town on 1-2-2017. The space was nearly perfect in terms of ambiance with decor that was modern yet comfortable. And coming off of my last experience, I was just happy to be warm with the right music.

Atmosphere: 4 out of 5
Food & Drink 4 out of 5


It’s surprisingly hard to take a selfie while holding a child and attempting to capture an entire sign. So slight fail on that front but pretty cute nonetheless.


Calamari Greek salad (greens, hummus, peppers, olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, feta). Once again I love grilled calamari and this did not disappoint. The only drawback was that I was still hungry after I finished and usually an entree salad for lunch is enough for me.


Luckily Eva ordered the best mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten in my life. She also loved the green beans so much she agreed to eat green beans for a week as long as they were “like the restaurant” meaning butter, salt and oil.


And who can forget the chocolate ice cream?! It came with a delicious tuile. It was also garnished quite nicely for the kids menu, but alas I was too slow to that pic.

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